Sikuyo (Debut June 20, 2012) is a former Wazxa, and a Roblox user.

History Edit

David met Sikuyo at 'Build and Destroy' a game David made in February of 2013.The game later became hacked, after Sikuyo used c4. A ghost car appeared, a typical green jeep, with no driver, started moving around randomly. Coincidentally, Badboyven left the game soon after.

The game was closed, cleaned up, and reopened, until Roblox discontinued Personal Servers. David announced the game would never reopen without Personal Servers readded.

David and Sikuyo hung out at 'Cuban Nuke', one of David and Patrick's greatest achievements, a game involving nuking New York.

Sikuyo in real life was present at David Malloy's funeral. Jason hopes to reunite with Sik, and reform Wazxa12.

Personality Edit

Sikuyo was pretty nice and a typical "Cool guy" Robloxian. He lacked courage, and freaked out when 'Build and Destroy' was hacked. He also kept getting killed in 'Cuban Nuke' after David's experimental Cuban Missiles kept exploding.

Appearance Edit

Sikuyo likes to stick to the 2014 Robloxian steriotypical attire.

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