Mightybulldog10 (Debut March 29, 2014) is a Roblox User, a Wazxa, and the brother of David and Patrick Malloy.

History Edit

Jason Malloy created this account to play Roblox, when Wazxa12 was active. He hung with David commonly, as Patrick (Zawertyip) was not often with his brothers when they played games. Patrick appeared with Jason and David on April 17, 2015, which was they last time the trio would hangout together, as David died a month later.

On February 8, 2015, he and Zawertyip hung out with ActionJames, this being the first time Patrick came online after his retirement.

Personality Edit

Jason is the more upbeat kind of guy, showing cheerfulness when he was hanging out with his brothers and friends, and they would usually play with fans that joined them. After the deaths of David and Patrick, Jason became more concerned and strict, but not as strict as Patrick. He occasionally shows signs of depression, and grieves when playing Wazxa12's old games.

Appearance Edit

Mightybulldog10 uses rich guy themed outfit, with jeans. He wears headphones, and has tanned body.

Ownership Edit

Jason became the complete owner of Wazxa12, after his brothers died unexpectedly. This account is now used as an alternative, since he doesn't completely need it anymore.

Arrest Edit

Jason was arrested in September 2016, for underage drinking. This was a result of his brothers deaths. He was released in June 2017, however.

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